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  • Eh, it looks like a blob. I honestly can't even tell that's a 'pole' or a 'flag'. You have very cleanly illustrated shoes, but without shading or rendering or something they fall flat and blend together and honestly they aren't even stacked up in a interesting way/layout. I would have for sure played around with this entire design before subbing.

    posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago in Waiting for approval, flagged shoes

  • Single. Dating. Went on a date last weekend where my date actually petted my hair... oh heavens. Why am I dating again???

    I want a guy who can do projects with me- more along the lines of refinish old furniture or something, so he doesn't necessarily have to be arty but more handy/creative. Then we could team up for fun random quality time projects (I actually just picture a bunch of adult activities happening on the furniture we refinish. Hah). I tend to like manly men, and with all the arty guys I meet I never feel as though they could keep me alive if we were trapped in the wilderness... why I'd ever be in the wilderness is a really good question, but hey, it could happen and if it does I need someone to keep me alive and look manly and sexy while doing it. ...And I wonder why I am still single. Hm. But I honestly don't rule out dating creative types, you never know.

    posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago in Dating?! (Adding some randomness)

  • I like the robot and it's scale. I don't mind the idea of the busy pink and loud background.... but the blurred effect is driving me wonky (and the background's scale seems a little TOO big). The blurryness feels as though you had images that were low res, so you decided to blur them to disguise the low res issue. It doesn't capture 'space' or 'speed', it simply looks like a blurry robot with a really blurry confetti-ish background. I think the whole design could be pretty cool if you rework the execution of the design, but like others said, be careful if these are all stock/web pictures... if that's the case what if you hand drew this out and started from there, using this current design as a template while reworking it with hand renderings and then using photoshop/illustrator to evolve it? Tweaking and redoing the background is a must too, maybe some perspective 'moving through space' lines could pop the robot and emulate some movement?

    posted 11 months ago in ROBOCROOK

  • They look like baked potatoes, but whether a biscuit or baked potato he's clearly not getting any sex.

    posted 11 months ago in Biscuit Sex. Sub or changes? UPDATE 5/27 Score it!

  • taz-pie said:

    The top looks like pubic hair.


    I like it, it's very sweet but the top portion of the tee does look like pubic hair, plus it seems to chaotic for the sweetness of the lower half of the design. I think it may work better if you simply carried the vertical lines all the way up, replacing the pubic hair top portion of the design with the lines- so it creates more of a print/repeat. I could also see this working on a tank.

    posted 11 months ago in Critiques hit it: My first design!