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  • opifan64 said:
    rodrigobhz said:

    Honestly, do you guys feel less inclined to submit new designs for the regular competition after the new payment policy? I'm just wondering... :)

    I feel a lot more inclined, actually. I earn the majority of my income from licensing so the most important thing for me is holding on to copyright. If I can earn something extra from Threadless too that's a great bonus, and in general I think their terms are very fair. Yes, it sucks to make 25 - 35 cents when a shirt is on sale, but you have to remember that Threadless is making a very slim profit in that case too. It's not fair to frame the argument based on the lowest possible margin when in many cases you might be making $2 a shirt (or whatever 20% works out to on a normally priced shirt).

    opifan64, +1 I like how you calmly and constructively explain what troubles designers here. Is there a way to follow your comments! Thread team pliz a button, THE button! "follow comments" !

    posted 3 hours, 19 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • radiomode said:
    Musarter said:
    taz-pie said:

    wow. so many angry people in this blog.

    I think people are angry because the new system is promoted as being beneficial for artists, monetarily speaking, when is becoming apparent that is not.

    This idea: "exposure", "growth", "financial success". Repeated, rammed in every single announcement.

    We do not know if the new system is bad or not. What we know is that the new system is new! not much data about it today. and yes somehow opaque... cause we do not know on what to rely. What's opaque when it comes to money (but not only), causes fears and stress. transparent systems are cool, that is for sure.

    yeap... 2k was something to dream about. 40 cents/tee is less sexy.

    posted 9 hours, 25 minutes ago in Hey, Threadfriends! By now, many of you have...

  • apart the point of view of the designers here, it would be cool to know what the customers seeing this "tip the artist" think. 3 possible answers?

    1. wow cool here I come with my support
    2. fcuk-off it is already expensive your shit
    3. geez I am confused, if I do not tip , artiste will die of having nothing to eat cause threaddless does not share the loot?

    in a fact it is cool to make this tip feature and to see what's come up out of this, how it will change the buyers attitude, and how buyers read this tipping possibility: something positive, negative, or confusing...

    posted 10 hours, 10 minutes ago in Saying "tips are degrading..."

  • Heartbleed remains alive! change your passwords!

    posted 16 hours, 3 minutes ago in F**king Hackers!

  • lxromero said:

    You eventually get used to the lack of feeling, I think the next step now is to experiment with different brush sets. Kyle Webster and Frenden both have really good brush packs that work excellent on something like the cintiq.

    thanks for sharing cool brushes!

    posted 16 hours, 6 minutes ago in As a concept does this work for the negative space challenge?

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