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    posted 1 year ago in Sharks 'n' Bombs

  • I'm kinda baffled too and I've played the AC games. And explanation would be helpful so we can offer advice.

    posted 1 year ago in Can u check my basic concept design plz

  • I like the design and idea but I don't like the placement - it's too far to the side. If I were you, I would make the jellyfish actually look like a jellyfish, but fill its head with cogs and gears that attach to the propeller. That might cater to the steampunk crowd too, you never know.

    posted 1 year ago in Critiques please :)

  • It's strange because I really, really liked the illustrations on the third slide of 'turn the music on'. Is that your work? Because those designs seemed way better than the actual tshirt submissions. I love the paint splashing out from the cool speaker design, and the cat with the headphones is something I haven't seen before - that looks awesome. Those third slide designs have so much personality and artistic flair, I'm little baffled about why you flattened and simplified them for your subs! I did like your colour choices though :)

    posted 1 year ago in please vote and comments!need you support=D

  • You need to simplify the idea; there's too much going on. Take three of your favourite aspect and focus on those e.g. the bird, the man, the rainbow. It seems to flat to me as well, like, the tv doesn't look like a tv, more like a picture frame, you know? Aim for consistency too. For example, some aspects are black silhouettes while others are not. Personally, I would scrap the rainbow. Clipart rainbows never look good and in this case it doesn't work well with the theme you're trying for.

    Hope I helped, even if it's just a little bit.

    posted 1 year ago in Friends I need your thoughts about this design.