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  • i like it on grey & blue best. it kinda reminds me of pokemon but cooler

    posted 10 years ago in balton

  • reminds me of shepard fairey...maybe it's the star

    posted 10 years ago in Fight

  • i love it

    posted 10 years ago in Surfer

  • jesus you's a damn good shirt. isn't that what we're suppossed to be critting here? not everyone's politcal opinion? & yes, thankfully we americans have the freedom to critize our government, but a fat lot of good its done! bush & his right wing cronies keep doing whatever the hell they want b/c they've got all the money, power & now all the oil in the world. basically, i'd buy this shirt & if you're all sick of people bitching about this thing our that, then vote & do something about it.
    i'll get down off my soapbox now :)
    thank you.

    posted 10 years ago in americant

  • its too much, either just the side w/the star or just the side w/the figure...not both

    posted 10 years ago in peace