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  • Hello! So for the first design, I think you'd really benefit from getting away from the polished look you have. The designs are sleek, but almost too sleek. Maybe you could explore outside of photoshop (or whatever program you used) and see what kind of textures you can achieve with a dry brush on paper! I think the Sherlock one would look a lot cooler with some texture thrown in! The way it is now makes it look a little too flat. Also, I'd get away from is the use of black outlines. Punch up the color and have fun with it

    As for the second design,
    First thing I'd say is get rid of the text and also the bubbles in the background. Great designs rarely need text in them! Maybe head back to your sketchbook and work through the character design a little bit more. The same basic idea's been done lots of times (ice cream cones eating humans instead of humans eating ice cream). Just work a little bit more on the concept!

    posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago in Need HELP getting a design submitted! :S

  • I absolutely love this concept but I think it needs more visual interest. Maybe thicken up the lines a bit and try that engraved style mentioned above! I think adding hatched lines will fill it in a bit more and leave it looking less empty, because as is it seems a little weak with just line work! But awesome stuff dude!

    posted 3 months ago in Critique help please

  • I'd say look at stuff that's trending on threadless to better choose a topic for your design. This is just random and weird :/

    posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago in need some.. well.. tips :)

  • Yeah I agree with the person above, these are too basic to really critique. I don't get it

    posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago in Suggestive Feedback and Constructive Criticism?

  • I think you'd really benefit from thickening the arms and legs of the pea. You should make him super ominous (if you decide to keep him). The facial expression is going in the right direction but I think scale and under lighting would help a lot.

    Perhaps even change the vegetable to a broccoli? Seems easier to successfully scale and is a vegetable that is easily understood and recognized from a distance

    posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago in HELP for the finishing touches! =) Being chased by greens!

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