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  • mechanicalrobotpower said:

    Anyone tried the Cintiq Companion? or Hybrid? .. I love the idea of cintiquing away from a computer, ..but the software? ..can you install photoshop, ..even if there is no official photoshop for it?

    I've got a Microsoft Surface Pro that works pretty well. Can't compare to cintiq as I haven't tried one, but its got a nice wide screen for drawing, full windows os for installing Ps etc and is quite a nice tablet in its own right. Last I checked the price was more attractive than the companion as well.

    Only complaints - battery isn't very forgiving, and the stylus that comes with it is a little naff for drawing - I got a wacom feel stylus separately that feels much nicer.

    posted 3 days, 8 hours ago in Cintiq 13HD

  • Thanks guys! Pleased with how it came out (:

    posted 6 days, 19 hours ago in Another dragon map thing. This time - Smaug!

  • heykimby said:

    I discovered during my student years that I burn through PITT artist pens like matchsticks.

    You can apparently rotate the nib on PITT brush pens - video on it here. I've never tried it, looks like it could be messy but might prolong their life!

    posted 1 week ago in Let's talk hand-lettering!

  • New patterns up! Also, should an exceptionally detailed Dong Island be my next project?

    posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago in Patterns and Comics

  • You're developing a strong style PPod! These are great, some might work really well on greeting cards as well

    posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago in ANOTHER DOG IS UP....THIS TIME IN SPACE

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