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  • sweet

    posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago in HOUSE KITTEN - monster collab now scoring !

  • Luckely after a few years women are desperate or cooties ;)

    posted 5 months ago in HOUSE KITTEN - monster collab now scoring !

  • That's nice to hear Littlem. I find that a lot of people in my environment don't understand. If I try to tell them they say things like 'yeah I find internship tiring too.' It seems just not explainable to people who haven't had a depression. Your feelings just don't match your brain. You want what everyone wants in life, but your feelings stopped working together with your brain.. they just say dark and negative things for no reason at all. And I get a lot of... well... reactions that I'm just some sort of instable dramaqueen. A 'you're doing fine' is really nice to hear, even if it is from an internet person ;)

    posted 5 months ago in Dear peoples

  • Hi kitty's

    I have posted an explanation for my absence here enter link description here It is especially an apoligy for you guys. bye xx

    posted 5 months ago in HOUSE KITTEN - monster collab now scoring !

  • Thanks kind folks. I will be back.

    Yeah littlem, it might. I just can't get myself to it now. I have my internship, and every step in my day takes so much convincing and coaching myself and cheer myself up to a point I hace enough motivation to actually take that step, that after work I just colapse. I sit waiting to go to bed. I haven't done anything social since ages, or hobby's, or done something in the house. I'm taking a week off next week. For my internship I go to Luxembourgh for a week. No tv, no computer, cooked meals 3 times a day, no chores, only 1 task a day; learning. I hope that helps. Maybe enough to feel like drawing after that :)

    posted 5 months ago in Dear peoples

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