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  • by the way, sorry I posted here, didn't realize we aren't supposed to promote designs like this...

    posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago in VOTE?

  • Ok, you are right about the lettering. I need to texture it so it looks like actual paper. I'll also look up some of Gollum's lines from the book to get a better feel of it.

    posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago in VOTE?

  • I think it will, thanks!

    posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago in Distressed

  • Yea, this wasn't well thought out...I wanted to make it before someone else did so I kinda cut corners on you have any suggestions to fix it? (Besides the artwork, I will fix that) Thanks for your input!

    posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago in VOTE?

  • Ok, well you are first going to go to the "make" part of the threadless website. Click on "submit designs." Then choose what contest you want to enter it into. If it is just a standard submission you only need to click on "threadless." You should now see a pink button that says "Submission Guidlines and Assets." Click on this. Scroll down and you will see a bunch of templates to put your design on. Choose any of them and then just click on it to download it.

    To put your design on the template you are going to go to your design and "flatten the image." (This is basically just putting all your layers into one nice package.) When doing this make sure the background layer is hidden (un-check the eye). Click "control" on your computer (command on a mac) and then click on the layer. You should see the entire thing surrounded by a little force field. Now use the shortcut Ctrl-C to copy the layer. (Cmnd-C on a mac). Open up your template now as a new photoshop project.Now use Ctrl-V to paste your design. Now depending on the size of your image, you may need to resize it so that it fits on the t-shirt. Hit Ctrl-T to transform the size of it. Just drag on of the corners while holding shift to resize it. To choose the color of the tee junst click on the t-shirt color folder and click the little eye on the color you want. Once you are happy with the way it looks flatten the image. Now save the file as a .jpeg and rename it. Make sure that it is a small file especially if you want to have several slides. They can be no more then 250kb all together. Go to the threadless website and submit your design! Good luck! Keep me posted!

    posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago in First design - how to get design onto a template?