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  • I changed my mind about this print-there's definitely something wrong with this submission. I agree with chumpmagic and what others said; this is basically lifting Bill Waterson's illustrations off the page onto a t-shirt and making money off of it. Not only is the STYLE from another artist, but the IDEA is from another parody. Its would have been fine maybe on DeviantArt but its unfair and wrong to profit off it. This goes against what Threadless stands for. It's a site to help underground artists get discovered and have original, creative art printed, it is NOT a merchandising site where random people profit off other well-known, established artists's artwork. I still don't know what cooljohnny's intentions were, but whatever they were its 100 % wrong for him to be making money off this print. I emailed Threadless about this and hopefully they can do something about the issue, and also set up future design rules about plaigairism. Its great that more people spoke up about this piece-it made me realize how wrong it was for the design to get printed.

    posted 1 year, 11 months ago in Halfling and Wizard

  • For those who are wondering why the image looks familiar-it shares resemblance to this parody illustration that was around much earlier and has the same concept + background (but replacing Lord of the Rings instead of the philosophers "Calvin" and "Hobbes")

    To me, the two images are almost too similar for comfort, but it could be coincidence. That being said, its not really plaigairism because the illustrations are the designer's own, and its not wrong for designers to be inspired by other's ideas.

    posted 1 year, 11 months ago in Halfling and Wizard