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  • Whoa those are pretty awesome pics.

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  • Yeah.. Just started this Month
    haha it explains why you guys haven't seen me posting in a while... but... no one really seems to give a hoot about me.. so no one notices



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  • Wahh what kind of air freshener was this!

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  • Monkey... I just became a gdx student @ Ai of Vancouver
    So .. I know where you are coming from and I'm gonna throw an idea at you.. since.. it just popped up in my head and I'mma good sport.

    Think SAFE..... beginning of your ad...

    Safety Harness (Safe climbing)
    Safety Net (Safe Landing)
    Safety Belt ( Safe Driving)....

    Condom (Safe Sex)

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  • the other guy should be looking down at the first guy.. .LOL

    posted 8 years ago in Awkward