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  • Lovely idea, I remember it's pretty old, because one of my friends, who's a direct tv Phoenix, used to wear it like, two years ago. The cloth is good, too, I'm happy to finally know where he purchased it from!

    posted 1 year ago in Z Movie

  • Cool T-shirts this week! I should definitely get one of these types of criminal shirts with "It's not you, it's me!", that line will never be out of fashion. Sweet job, mates, looking forward to seeing more precious work of art.

    posted 1 year, 6 months ago in Threadless 2 Cool 4 School Sale!!

  • Yeah, I decided to make my wife a personal drawing for Valentine's, but it seems she doesn't really get certain jokes. My idea was to draw two urns for ashes that almost fell, but supported each other. The idea was that we will support one another even in death. It seems prettier when described, I guess.

    posted 1 year, 12 months ago in Family Portrait, an Experiment and Mystery Comic Book Character Sketches

  • The striped candy stick idea is really good, I guess it's the best way to attract a dentist Nashua has, to make him see there is in fact a sweet tooth. Good job, soloyo, adam antium shows that great minds think alike :). I would wear such a T-shirt.

    posted 1 year, 12 months ago in PUN ALERT: New Tee WIP - Sweet Tooth (Updated)

  • Too bad the scoring ended, I love this T-shirt! The dog seems more like my termite friend Josh, but I guess that's why I like it! Don't lose the white background, it gives it more depth.

    posted 1 year, 12 months ago in Little House on the Prairie Dog