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  • thanks!

    chuck p comics said:

    happy birthday

    posted 1 month ago in Spoilt cake

  • You are the best! Hahaha That is supercute

    Manupix said:

    Happy 2!

    posted 1 month ago in Spoilt cake

  • Thanks Josh! :)

    JoshReilly said:

    Nice work, especially like the bacon blankets idea.

    posted 1 month ago in Spoilt cake

  • Thank you Alex! :D

    alexmdc said:

    congrats! and awesome subs! :D

    posted 1 month ago in Spoilt cake

  • Looks great so far, as always. About the house; it might be the perfectionist in me speaking, but I was wondering if it would fit better if you would move it 1,5mm to the right. The fact that that was the only thing I could think of says enough. PS. I don't think that the trees look copied/pasted since the stems look a bit different in most trees. Just my opinion!

    posted 1 month ago in Wild at Heart Finished SCORING!

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