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  • sorry for the ridiculous spelling/ grammatical errors.

    posted 10 months ago in Drawing things being a Muslim

  • I am a bit surprised the you say started you reply with "No. I am afraid that that is wrong" ?.

    I hope to get more answers for you but if you are convinced that your understanding is right then I really don't understand the point of this blog. In fact 100% of you is created by someone. Your dad and mom created. You shirt is a creation. Every single thing is created by human.

    In my humble opinion. If you say that it is forbidden to draw things that are in some way can be used to worship. I understand. But if you say you cannot draw anything at all then that sound a bit of a unreasonable ideology to me. What about giving birth then? You are not just creating human figure but human itself.

    Why would God forbid art on the whole? that just sound ridiculous even for god. And here my question is if you are saying you cannot create something on your own (lets not just say it is Art. Anything at all) Building the tallest building is creation to me. It is also an art to me.

    posted 10 months ago in Drawing things being a Muslim

  • Drawing things being a Muslim. Is that forbidden?"

    Habib Ullah Khan's reply in Quora.

    I am afraid of the many things about Islam that are misunderstood modern scholars would put Islam's stance on images right in the middle of that.

    The historical background to the images ban is that Islam is above all a monotheist religion and forbids worshipping of anyone but Allah. In the times of the prophet (pbuh) it had become common to consider certain images sentient, worship these images as deities, and to ask them for favours and to grant your wishes. Even in the Ka 'bah there were sacred images that were worshipped.

    A careful study of the various ahadith show that it is these category of pictures that created polytheistic tendencies that are forbidden and haraam. If you see the prophet (pbuh) quoted in Sahih Bukhari he states:

    Creators of images shall be chastised and asked to inject life in them and they shall be unable to do so. (Kit?b al-Lib?s)

    It is exactly the same here. This is an admonishment that people who create images for worshipping will be asked on the day of judgement to inject life to them in exchange for negating their punishment. Not happening of course!

    In the light of modern scholars' reasoning including the excellent Dr. Shehzad Saleem for whom I am indebted for this answer, it is clear working with images that do not stoke or inspire worship or arousal is okay.

    Hope this helps!

    posted 10 months ago in Drawing things being a Muslim

  • Ok. I dont know how you can go about it. But there is one place i know one can get answers from QUORA. So i posted a question on you behalf and have asked few people who are into islamic studies. Hope you get a constructive and definitive answer. You can follow the question and the answers to it here.

    posted 10 months ago in Drawing things being a Muslim

  • Just sent this in

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