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  • nice

    posted 10 years ago in Copyright

  • i wanted it printed when it was in the middle (personally i liked that one better), i like this too and would also buy it

    posted 10 years ago in Halo's for Seaturtles 3

  • errr pluralize that... heads

    posted 10 years ago in americant

  • i love this shirt, and i have nothing against america. uhh i live here, its a kick ass shirt i would wear it everywhere. im not proud of my country but im also not proud that i passed high school. i just did... i just live here... this shirt rocks....

    its funny, pull your head out of your asses

    posted 10 years ago in americant

  • lose it because i hate the dont run with scissors shirt idea its old and isnt funny, maybe people will just think its a cool image which it is

    posted 10 years ago in dont run with scissors