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  • Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, it was a rather busy day!

    The extra bubbles look great - they don't distract from the fish-containing bubbles, but do add the needed depth. I really like that you made them more transparent than the original ones.

    I think the flow of the bottom fish worked better before. Previously all of the fish kind of made a continuous line (if you connect through from the fish on the left, to the upper fish, down to the bottom), and here that gets a little broken. I'd either flip the bottom bubble/fish or bring back the original version of that one.

    I really like the expanded options for shirt colors! Your improvements look great :3

    posted 2 years, 3 months ago in Floating

  • Agh, I wonder what went wrong - sorry about that. Let's see if these work...

    Lonely Pirate

    Space princess

    I would be happy to come back tomorrow to give you some more feedback ^_^

    posted 2 years, 3 months ago in Floating

  • You're quite welcome!

    I can imagine trying to draw fish from the underside being difficult! Perhaps next time you have a chance to drop into a toy store where they sell plastic animals you could check to see if they have any fish and take some mental notes on the structure (it may feel silly, but one has to get references where one can). Better yet would, of course, be an aquarium you can walk under the display, but that's a lot more difficult to find...

    I was thinking orange behind the bubbles. An example of the effect I'm talking about would be the background Wharton put in place over here on his most recent design critique. If you look at the initial piece it's fairly flat, but with just a subtle background it looks pretty awesome. I suggested orange for your piece both because I think that would play off the bubbles nicely and because it would blend in well with the shirt color you chose.

    On an unrelated note, if you have some time and are so inclined, I would very much appreciate some thoughts on my Space Princess design.

    posted 2 years, 3 months ago in Floating

  • It'd be funny if the red sphere holding up the map sign were actually on a physical white orbit line. Maybe have one or two of the other planets be tiny dots in the background?

    posted 2 years, 3 months ago in Lost in Space

  • I am not the person who said it needs work, but I do have a few thoughts you might want to play with. There isn't a whole lot of depth in this design as a whole, so you might want to think about having a subtle shadow (maybe in an orange shade to contrast the blue of the bubbles?) of more bubbles or some plants as a background, or something to give the fish bubbles a little more emphasis.

    Also (and this is more for future designs, as it would be rather difficult to do anything about it now since it's an ink and water color design), you might consider having more variation on the angle the fish are viewed from - maybe one from the side, or from underneath the fish, instead of primarily top-down views.

    I do rather enjoy the concept and the subtlety of the colors used :3

    posted 2 years, 3 months ago in Floating