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  • LBB, right on. yeah i think that payments for the month of april will be paid out in june, since pending sales will probably be 30 days waiting period until payments cleared. I just assumed we'd see some pending sales as they came in. Maybe its delayed after a day or something. :)

    posted 42 minutes ago in The Lunchboxbrain Abides!

  • Thanks goliath, been a lucky 2 days for me here!!

    posted 58 minutes ago in SPOILER ALERT! 4-21-14

  • Hey LBB, do you have any pending sales showing up for yours yet in the royalties section? I know I purchased 2 of mine myself yesterday, but still no pending sales showing up for it for me in the royalties section. Just checking if yours does? Thanks!

    posted 1 hour, 1 minute ago in The Lunchboxbrain Abides!

  • Congrats dude! Now to check the royaties tab over and over every few minutes from now on! ;)

    posted 13 hours, 40 minutes ago in The Lunchboxbrain Abides!

  • YeeHaw!!

    posted 23 hours, 37 minutes ago in Player 2 Has Just Entered a World of Pain

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