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is a 36.01 year old boy and has been a part of the Threadless community for 8 years, 7 months! he has scored 50919 submissions, giving an average score of 1.81, helping 839 designs get printed.

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  • Hah thanks! I have a short vid clip of it with cool 8bit sound I'm gonna post to Instagram when the shirts are up ;)

    posted 1 hour, 1 minute ago in SPOILER ALERT! 4-21-14

  • Gotta be this one!! 4/20 Dude!

    posted 12 hours, 52 minutes ago in SPOILER ALERT! 4-21-14

  • Excited! Took Final Battle down anywhere else, so now its gonna be an exclusive tee to Threadless for the foreseeable future. May the royalty pie chart finish the greatest story ever told!

    posted 1 day, 12 hours ago in SPOILER ALERT! 4-21-14

  • Holy shit optifan! Way to go on society6!

    I haven't heard of displayed but looks like you and mip are both doing good there, I'll have to check that one out, thanks!

    posted 1 week ago in Royalty Tracker thingy is a go!

  • Great design jambie. thanks!

    How is everyone's royalties doing? A third of the month gone, so you can basically multiply your current sales by 3 and get an estimate of what you will be getting this month...

    Anybody getting mad cash yet? Any unexpected items selling you didn't think would?

    I am kind of disappointed with my current sales figures here, I thought I'd be getting at least one sale a day or so for commie party, but hopefully I will get a bump if they reprint it sometime soon. Currently I have only sold 3 items total since april 1st. :(

    I am guessing you need several kind of recent prints that are all still up for sale to get some traction going.

    How are any of you artists with "made" stores doing royalty wise, now that the tracker is up and running? I would be interested to know how your sales here compare with sales in other stores.

    Here's mine: My total numbers for online stores currently are: (as of today, period of april 1st - april 11th)

    DBH: $39.00

    Teepublic: $17.00

    Threadless: $7.20

    Society6: $4.80

    I only have a few designs available for purchase here at threadless, so maybe that's why it is so much lower, and my society6 payments have always been terrible (and i don't put shirts up on s6, because of quality)

    Also I didn't list redbubble, because I haven't really sold much of anything through there, and will probably just delete it if nothing picks up, but I know some of you have found success there.

    Anyway, was hoping to see Threadless in the lead, but I guess everyone has already bought all the communist party shirts they need from here or something, even though both versions of it seem to be doing ok at DBH. (selling one every couple of days or so there, sold only one since april 1st here.)

    posted 1 week, 1 day ago in Royalty Tracker thingy is a go!

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