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  • Hi there! i read you wanted some feedback so maybe i can help you. it seems like you want to put a lot of ideas and thoughts in the design thats good to start but it is a bit to much and makes it fuzzy to understand. try to take one of these creed symbols and keep sketching until you find a good design&concept. then photoshop it and let other people look at it again. Just keep trying and trying until you find something great because your drawing are really good and very creative ! Hope this helps a bit! goodluck!

    posted 8 months ago in Greedy Human tee design feedback!!

  • Cant really figure out the concept but i would go for brighter colors like blue red or bright/dark pink goodluck!

    posted 8 months ago in Sad Sad Seuss CRITIQUE would definetly apreciate feedback

  • Day five...... ROSS IS THE BOSS! go get them!!

    posted 10 months ago in Join the Pool Party Sale! Play along with Pool Poolooza to win prizes.

  • mechanicalrobotpower said:

    I've not let a single entry go unscored this year, I plan to keep this going until 2014.

    wow that is truely increddeble!

    there where so many turtles! they are taking over WAAHHHhhhhhhh!

    posted 1 year ago in Whoop Whoop! scored every single design!

  • hahahaha thank you i think something from 400 to maybe 1000 designs? i don't know counting is not my thing :)

    posted 1 year ago in Whoop Whoop! scored every single design!