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  • abeadles.... haha... you haven't my husband... it isn't really organization... it's more... over stimulation, and over production, and over worked, and packrat all rolled into one. Not that you care... but your comment made me laugh.

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  • sure will rachel, hey send me your email would ya?


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  • tesko kinda hit the nail on the head....

    because it won't. I probably shouldn't have commented back at all.

    but i felt... somehow... that my husband deserves it, and so did you.

    Color me retarded for caring...

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  • I have retyped what I am going to say over 15 times... because when it comes right down to it, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the internet is like fighting your way out of a molasses jar. Why? Because first of all... who gives a crap about molasses, and second, all anyone wants to see is someone fight their way out, they don't care why they are there in the first place.

    That being said, my husband is having a hard time tonight. Not because Sticky Mike has zero life... because how can you to not only do the leg work to find those illustrations (good job by the way, cause we couldnt figure out where they came from) and then making flash gifs out of them... and posting all night about them..... man I remember college, I didn't do a damn thing besides play on the internet either. But that doesn't discredit you in anyway, nor should it, or was intended to do so... I just found it amusing.

    Zach never intended to steal anyones artwork. He also doesn't feel like he has to explain anything to anyone... because in the end... it doesn't matter, it will just be another stuckwithpins episode to bring back into every 10th blog or so to make fun of.

    But I care too much about my husband, and it sucks to sit back and not say anything. Because.... I have a hard time not getting into everyones business. You should see me in the return line at Target... I'm feirce.

    Zach draws... that is with pen and paper, between 30 and 60 images a day. Thats how production art works. Thats how character development works, thats how any form of art works. You bleed your trade until you have carpel tunnel. On the computer, since the day job requires digital illustrations he also puts together between 50-100 images a day. So roughly thats 150 images a day persay, that come out of his mind.

    So take that times 5 days in a work week, and then times for for the weeks in a month... and you get how many rough images he goes through.... staggering isn't it. I actually can't fathom it, and am blown away by the sketchbooks that we go through (2 a week roughly).

    (i have a point... keep bearing with me)

    That being said, a few weeks ago, Zach was cleaning off his hard drive at work for the end of his publishing season. The images that he came across in the process was a group of things that he vecotrized, and played around in illustrator with, practicing the trade... from sometime in the last year.

    The only thing that went through his mind..... (and you don't have anymore reason to believe me than him, and will of course make up your own mind on anything, bearing an explanation or not)... was, "Those would be rad as threadless designs, and I said I would be part of the revolution and haven't had time to do a damn thing.... let's use these."

    He had no recolection of having borrowed the images from somewhere else, and had no intention of cheating. What's the point? Why would someone who is in publishing, and in the real world of illustration pick threadless to submitt stolen artwork to?

    I have spent the last few hours with my husband, a man who feels a little taken aback because of his lack of memory, and who is thankful that it was pointed out to him, and is more than mad at himself.... and that phrase doesn't even cover the half of it.

    None of this will probably mean anything to you... but can you imaging finding something on your computer, knowing you did the leg work for it, putting it up in a public forum, and then finding this out... how would you feel about yourself?

    Well that's how he feels. And because I am proud of my husband, because I love him more than anything in the world, and because I am a first hand testimony of his good nature and decency, I felt the need to defend him. What good it will do?.... doesn't matter. Because all anyone really wants is a Jerry Springer style fight... complete with boobies...( but you'll have to look to the streat team photos for that)

    Thank you to those who understand. Sorry to those who don't.
    Ever felt it difficult to end something akward....
    My apologies for taking so long to get this posted up, we have a very sick puppy right now and we have gone outside 3 times with her to prevent doggy poo on the carpet, trust me... it's not pretty.

    And it looks like it's back outside for me again....
    all for now.

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  • ok hang on... let me type something... with hold some hate for 5 minutes while I type yall.... Zach isn't at the computer anymore... I am... because unfortunately I am glued to it most of the day with the day job's work, and since this blog has taken up most of the day, I haven't had a chance to get much work in.... so I stole it back.

    gimmie a minute to give you a response....

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