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  • It's Up For Voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted 1 year ago in I Finally Got His Helmet!!

  • Personally, I prefer the Grasshopper without the text. I know it'll help make the referance more clear. But I'm worried it may clutter up the image too much or throw the balance off. The cleaner, the better I say.

    As for the Baby/Dragon image, I see some changes needed. Great idea giving his a helmet. But it seems too detailed nest to the rest of the image. Ouside of his chest, the baby has zero shading. Brighten his current shading as well as the helmets. Give him more shading, and lighten the ground shadows. They're too distracting. I would just remove the ground shadows all together. I don't think they are needed. To address momomono's concern, I would simply add a little thin smoke coming from the dragon's nose. Not much and fairly light.

    I really like your last image. Very clever. But I don't see anyone wearing it. And I think your Black Mage should be wearing a dark gray and not bright blue. ;)

    posted 1 year ago in WIP-Design Ideas

  • Already done. ;) Was going to remove it but too many Halo fans seem to want the confetti to stay.

    --------UPDATE No.1-------- I've updated the design. 1) I've adjusted the emblem on the take by making it larger and warping it to fit the curves of the tank better. 2) I've also added shading to the confetti so it'll fall in line with the rest of the image. 3) I've also gone ahead and submitted to Threadless. I should hear back in a few days if they approve it for the voting process.

    Thank you all for the great feedback.

    posted 1 year ago in I Finally Got His Helmet!!

  • Morkki said:

    The character is drawn well but I would get rid of the confetti. It just doesn't fit the rest of the image, it looks like it was quickly scribbled on as an afterthought.

    Thanks, Morkki. The confetti isn't a afterthought. I left it plain to match that in the game. Would you suggest adding shading to them (a simple matter) or simply removing the confetti all together?

    posted 1 year ago in I Finally Got His Helmet!!

  • I can clearly see the Octopus, But the position of the arms does confuse the eye more then it shout. And I agree it needs a more clear concept to appeal to possible buyers.

    But I really do like the design. So simple and colorful that young girls will love it. Anyone else, possibly not.

    Use Threadless's T-shirt template to place your design on a shirt for a more clear illustration of how it'll sit on the fabric. And I thing the max color allowed on Threadless is 7. Including White and Black. You seem to be almost fine in your colors. Overlapping/transparency dose not work for screen printing unless. Watch the videos to learn ways around this and get similar results.

    posted 1 year ago in First design, critique and help needed please.