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  • Make it a print!! My dad would love this to hang in his man cave! :)

    posted 1 year, 5 months ago in Once Upon A Good Time

  • iPhone case please? :)

    posted 1 year, 6 months ago in The Sea Witch

  • This was just on Project Runway! One of the contestants was wearing it and had to incorporate it into her outfit! Kudos! :)

    posted 2 years, 8 months ago in The Morning After

  • I have to disagree with Kalis Sword, I don't think you should change it at all because I feel that is the whole concept. As you get closer you go from seeing the cute little rabbit to the lurking predator and get the full picture. Great idea!

    posted 3 years ago in Fuzzy Bunny

  • I think if you got the right color blue shirt, it would look fine centered, but if you can't get an exact match, then full shirt would be better. Though it is a beautiful and intricate frame, I agree that it takes away something from the illustration, I do like the shape it makes around the picture. If you could keep the shape of the frame, but make it a part of the t-shirt color instead of an actual frame, it would look really cool and would work with any color tee. Whew! Sorry it's so long, but I hope it helps!

    posted 3 years ago in Lost In The World Of My Own