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is a boy and has been a part of the Threadless community for 3 years, 3 months! he has scored 486 submissions, giving an average score of 3.77, helping 16 designs get printed.

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  • reprint please!

    posted 2 years, 5 months ago in My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

  • i think it would be do better if it was drawn so the dragon was coiled around the wearers neck :) but the design itself is incredibly detailed. 4/5

    posted 3 years ago in dragon ink

  • improvements: change stone to rock, and maybe replace the vecome a hero thing. do that, and you've got a winner.

    posted 3 years ago in stone-paper-scissors

  • jmedran@ talk about a weird BONEr XD bullshit aside, great design, great concept this is a must buy :)

    posted 3 years ago in Skeleton Key, Select Guys Organic Tee

  • exactly what rustyo said :P

    posted 3 years ago in Analogy