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  • Hey I just saw this. A twit?! Humph!

    posted 7 years, 4 months ago in Blargh.

  • Urgh...I'm not suggesting anyone "shroud" their work in" fancy shit". To advocate presenting your work in a creative, original, way is not to suggest it's okay to be all front & no substance. But to provide a consistent, distinctive identity across the board re. site, self-promotional material, etc, is only doing for yourself what you're hired to do for other people. It makes sense. I'm not suggesting it means your work can't or shouldn't speak for itself. There's been a big renaissance in packaging & presentation, & I for one, love it. Doesn't mean the work is secondary or that beautiful presentation detracts from it...look at this for yummy...

    posted 7 years, 10 months ago in I NEED A SITE!

  • I think I've stressed quite clearly that the navigation & efficiency of a site are the primary considerations & the aesthetics must work around that. The main purpose of a portfolio site after all, is to get people to view your work. Excessive scrolling is inefficient.

    The best sites achieve a perfect balance between coding & aesthetics. I'm working on my site at the moment & am doing all the graphics/layout myself, but have a coder to direct me re. doability & to put it all together for me. I'm not a web designer second...I'm not a web designer at all! But I am a designer (& also a consumer) & know a thing or two about colour, typography, layout, branding, etc. & know better than anyone the image I'm trying to convey. As we all know, it's a competitive, aggressive industry. Any freelancer who's ever put time & thought into self-promotional material, mail outs, etc, knows that branding/identity is all-important...& that extends to the look/feel/mood of your site too.

    Efficiency/navigation & creativity/aesthetics are not mutually can have it both ways, & should.

    Sorry Travis for polluting your blog with my wafflings...

    posted 7 years, 10 months ago in I NEED A SITE!

  • Each to his fave sites have a bit more to them. Self-promotion is about the whole package...& if there's anything extra you can do to distinguish yourself as something special, then it makes sense to do so. A site that's too plain & generic is like publishing a book with no's all about the packaging.

    Scrolling is a linear's forcing people to trawl the entire portfolio when they may want to go directly to a particular piece. It's annoying & nowhere near as efficient, clear & concise as thumbnails. You can still scroll through & bypass the thumbnails if you wish. Giving the viewer as many nav options as possible makes should be quick, easy & seamless to navigate a site & to view the work en masse via thumbnails rather than an enormous page you need to scroll through...not to mention the problems for people with slow connections.

    posted 7 years, 10 months ago in I NEED A SITE!

  • I really dislike excessive scrolling. I think it puts people off as much as too much trickiness & bad navigation. As long as a portfolio site is easy to navigate & showcasing the work is the first priority (rather than detracting from it by making the site itself too fancy), I think there's room for more style & personality than white space & a banner. You want something distinctive & unique that reflects your style as an illustrator/designer.

    posted 7 years, 10 months ago in I NEED A SITE!

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