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aka Janine is a 28.32 year old girl and has been a part of the Threadless community for 8 years, 9 months! she has scored 121 submissions, giving an average score of 2.22, helping 2 designs get printed.

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  • You don't know the existing threadless shirt "Afternoon Delight?"

    posted 4 years ago in Afternoon Delight

  • I hate orange and I hate white flip flops and I still voted 5. Be proud of yourself. :)

    posted 4 years ago in Sea Change

  • I really adore the flip flops and would love to see more of the beautiful work on the shirt.

    posted 4 years ago in Crashing Memories

  • Is this like a Rangda and Barong type dance? Obviously with different characters though.

    I love the design, it is so beautiful, but would like it perhaps even more if their faces and hands could stand out with a different color. It could be the same color so it would only be two colors, but it would be nice to see them pop out just a bit more.

    posted 4 years ago in Telek Mask Dance

  • Good god people. The man (or woman) wanted to talk about the design here, not about the disaster. I think you're being to vicious in your attacks. It's just like Threadless hipsters to wear the proud pageant ribbon of humanitarianism while sitting on their asses posting on blogs.

    I myself agree with others who have said, I think this is the best that could be done on short notice, and I think it's really representative (in a positive and hopeful way) of the relief effort. No it's not the most artistically brilliant design, but it's cute and I think it works. I'd definitely wear it and buy some to give as gifts, too!

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Awesome idea, not sure about the graphic