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  • While I think the design and color fit well here, that spot on the top of his head where he's ripping through the fabric doesn't really translate without a red shirt. This one looks great too, but it just looks like water or something pouring over his head.

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in Revenge of the Toro, Select Guys Pima Tee

  • "White Beans Can't Jump."

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in Mexican Jumping Bean

  • Man, this would be an instant buy if it was a wrap-around design :(

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in The Shower

  • 5 - Great artwork, concept, etc. Everything about it is fantastic. (Note: it can still have flaws, but they're usually minor like "please make this a wrap-around design!" or "make it glow!".) 4 - Same as above, but something about it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe the placement isn't the best, etc. Usually, if the flaws aren't so minor, or I simply can't think of a suggestion (and no one else did either), it'll get this and a comment of anything I can think of. 3 - It might be a cool concept or good artwork, but something is wrong. (More often it's an okay concept with decently good artwork). 2 - Chances are, it's severely lacking somewhere. It could be a great concept with terrible artwork, or something of that nature. 1 - Seriously? You submitted this? 0 - ...facepalm I could throw up on a shirt and it'd look better than yours. Sorry, broskies. $Tee - Well, obviously, it's something I'd buy. That's not to say I'll scoop it up right away, since if there's cooler designs and/or cheaper shirts, I'll take those first, but if that shirt I rated 2$ is on sale for 5 bucks and free S+H, I might buy it and wear it to a crazy party or while I'm doing manual labor. :P $Print - I don't really have any use for prints just yet, but if a design seems like it'd be an exceptionally cool print, I'll vote this for it anyway. Skip - If the idea seems alright, but doesn't speak to me in any way imaginable, I simply decide that it'd be like voting on a serious issue in the USA like abortion, gun control, or health care, knowing that I'm going to move to another country before the vote is even finished.

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in What kind of Scorer are you?

  • I understand you want the back to be black so as to appear as though the ghosts are coming out of the dark... but if that's the case, you need to make the edges of the front dark too (you probably could have them fade around the sides of the shirt).

    However, I think this would look much cooler if you just make it an all-around design. Partly because you've already got the pieces in place for an all-over design, but mainly because that's my primary motivation when buying t-shirts :D

    (Also, I see what you're saying, edoran, but you only see it if you aren't looking at the rest of the piece.)

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in Doodle