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  • I ordered the asphalt hoody, and it looks like a factory second. The design is misaligned. The sleeves are way too long, and different lengths to boot! I decided to avoid the hassle and expense of return shipping (Also I was concerned that the next hoody I received might not be any better overall). It had a faint "made-in-China" chemical smell, so I washed it before wearing it.

    Washing this hoody in the washing machine produced a large amount of hydrogen sulphide gas - well beyond the volume capabilities of any human digestive system. For people wondering if the smell is that bad, well, yes it is. Washing this hoody just once, stunk out my laundry, the adjoining room (even though the door was shut) and my entire backyard.

    The smell seems to be coming from the paint, which is still tacky to the touch. This hoody still reeks so much after the second wash that it is unwearable. I think all of the glow in the dark properties will have been washed/worn away before I even get a chance to wear this garment for the first time.

    The quality control is so poor that I am having serious doubts about ordering anything else from Threadless in the future.

    posted 3 years, 5 months ago in My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle