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  • gebe said:
    Jake Friedman said:
    gebe said:

    Hello guys, I had time to make something for the competition! Mine is pending :)

    Nice, but I think this is 3 colors, not including the shirt color.

    This is a 2 color print design, no warries! ;) and this is up:

    I'm pretty sure this is 3 colors, fella. If it were halftones, or opacity changes due to erasing, I'd be on board, but I see 3 distinct colors. Because of this, the question remains as to whether or not it will make it through the Threadwars mediators.

    posted 2 days ago in THREADWARS 8!!!

  • I saw on tumblr that you were looking for Secret Sandwich Service puns. (Although these are pretty bad) you can use any of these (as long as I get a producer credit): Grilled Suspect Sandwich; French (Connection) Dip; Cheese Steak-out; Cornered Beef; Scam-burger; PB & Jailtime; Mediterranean Wrap-sheet; I Smell a Rat.

    posted 1 week ago in I started a comic

  • Here's mine:

    posted 1 week, 1 day ago in THREADWARS 8!!!

  • Peanut Butter goes with everything. Jelly: check. Ice cream: check. Doughnuts: check. Tacos: check. Meatloaf: check. Aftershave: check. Toolshed: check. Gyros: check. Pretty much anything.

    posted 1 week, 1 day ago in what's the best foods?

  • Musarter said:

    ...One more suggestion would be something by Hemmingway...


    Picked up The Old Man and the Sea from the library the other day. Figured I'd start small.

    @ lxromero: I totally forgot about putting some Gaiman on the list. The only thing of his that I've read is Coraline (which I was really impressed with), but I've been recommended American Gods and Stardust before.

    posted 1 week, 2 days ago in LMNOP's 'Read As Many Books As I Can In One Year' Project

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