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  • Musarter said:

    On the rights side of things: I was getting comfortable with the thought of possibly printing shirts elsewhere, but then I thought about all of those shirt bootleggers and rip-off artists websites out there. The new large submission guidelines have made thieving even easier.

    In the past Threadless artists atleast had the threat of a Threadless legal team, however intimidating that is, which was reassuring. I would think as individual artists it will become even more difficult to stop thieves from thieving. Although I am not entirely keen on giving up all of my rights, there was always a comfort in knowing a big internet brother had my back. With the re-attribution of rights is it wrong to say that artists will be solely responsible for reaching through the interwebs and bitch slapping thieves through there computer screens?

    Just a thought I had. You may now carry on talking about money.

    I agreed with this, the current format 1200 x 1200 pixels is encouraging bootleggers and rip off. In the past, we already seem tons of bootleggers even with the 640 x 800 pixels format. 1200 pixels is too good quality i must say!

    And I will always remember that " good feeling" of receiving the 2K email in my heart! :D

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  • posted 4 weeks ago in Love our image (SUCCESS!)

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