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  • First, @SteelTownStud, in my experience, the hoodies are a bit on the tight side. I have other hoodies that are L, but I had to get the "Lightcycle" hoodie in a XL, and it's still a bit snug, especially around the arms. Second, my asphalt Sark hoodie is my third attempt to get a decent hoodie with this design. First, I ordered a L mermaid green hoodie, and it was too small. Sent it back, Threadless send me an XL... and the "glow" printing only worked on one half of the hoodie! Decided the green/blue didn't look good on me anyway (and the thing smelled HORRIBLE), so returned it for a XL asphalt hoodie. The printing of the shoulderpads is off a bit (one is higher on the shoulder than the other), but otherwise I love it. No smell issue with this one.

    Third, the first time I washed the asphalt tee, it bled all over my other clothes in the wash. Should have washed it the first time with nothing but dark colors, but figured the shirt was prewashed. NOT SO. Be VERY careful washing these things!

    I love the design (kudos to Rolf Nelson), but there seems to be a serious quality control issue with this product. But since Threadless has been awesome in its return/replacement policy, I have no problem ordering from them again.

    posted 3 years, 6 months ago in My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle

  • I loved this hoodie when I got it... but alas, it was too small! I hurriedly sent it back, hoping to get a larger replacement before they ran out.... no luck! So now I have a credit on my account, hoping for a reprint... PLEASE?!?

    posted 3 years, 10 months ago in Bad prints! Now it's sold out.