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  • Nothing to add really, the last one with the screen glow and all is spot on.

    I almost suggested a Dilbert strip on the cubicle wall but then I noticed it's already there and punched myself for being an ass

    posted 5 hours, 59 minutes ago in Grown-Ass Man Wolf process

  • Ryder said:

    oh who am i kidding? i don't have the guts to sing in front of everyone...

    Just imagine you are all alone on a rooftop... Just you, the night sky and Elton John

    posted 7 hours, 38 minutes ago in Save the Date: Family Reunion '14: Saturday, August 23

  • Son: Can we go home now?

    Mall Dad: No, son. Your mother got the home. But we can go to Home Depot!

    posted 11 hours, 29 minutes ago in Mall Dad

  • Stop appropriating rainbow trout culture!

    posted 12 hours, 20 minutes ago in New to Threadless Community

  • Son: Can we go to BK? I want a Whopper!

    Mall Dad: Whopper? She won't even let me near her!

    posted 12 hours, 49 minutes ago in Mall Dad

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