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    posted 9 months ago in Mmmmm-aze - Thanks!!!

  • I like how this developed. Looks like a winner to me.

    An unnecessary touch: actual path in the maze from ear to ear, drawn with glowing ink. I'm not sure if it does but if it looks like homer while glowing, it could be cool. Like I said not necessary. Great work!

    posted 9 months ago in Mmmmm-aze - Thanks!!!

  • looking very good so far! are you planning to add one extra detail, like keeping one character out of the ball.

    e.g, ralph standing on the way to hug the giant ball

    posted 9 months ago in Simpsons WIP – Final Score 3.61

  • That was an easy 5. Congrats! I hope it gets printed.

    posted 9 months ago in Cello! WOW! Highest Score Ever!

  • It's a great concept. I liked the execution of cookies but I would change the feet to have flat bottoms. A boxing ring background could help also. I'm not sure about the speech bubble.

    posted 9 months ago in I would love some feedback ^^

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