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  • i think the idea is good but the execution could be more better work on it make it more unique you have a nice idea keep going
    thanks for the comment on mine

    posted 4 years ago in The NEW Grammatically Correct MP3 Player...

  • hey guys i really need your help here hohoohohh see yaaaa

    posted 4 years ago in nelson muntz ??

  • guys any other color suggestion im doing my flash presentation and i would love to put the more appealing color i can find

    thanks guys in advanced i think this is the one im gonna sub but if you have something else to add please let me know

    electric method i have tried the suggestion you made but donst feel quite right thanks guys

    posted 4 years ago in nelson muntz ??

  • hohoohhoh i love red penis hohoho 5 $

    nice idea

    posted 4 years ago in Hungry

  • well,
    good job there never heart on threadless and that text looks amazing how do i put a dodgy face in here ???

    please check mine here and leave a comment


    bold text

    posted 4 years ago in hearty