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Pez Banana

aka Jose Lorenzo Pacheco is a 36.83 year old boy and has been a part of the Threadless community for 4 years, 3 months! he has scored 5389 submissions, giving an average score of 3.27, helping 10 designs get printed.

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  • As goliath said, all print worthy... I particularly feel that Dangerous Division and This Is How The Story Ends would print anytime, regardless of challenge context and score.

    I'm not sure if this observation is accurate because i've been away for some time, but i noticed that nowadays there are too many designs submitted at any given time, and many of them are of very low quality.

    I think that people with low production standards also have low standards for judging and appreciating art. If these guys also vote, then it's no wonder the seemingly low score, especially with the "score 100 designs" promo going on at the time.

    The vote is diluted because there are too many designs, so a score of 3 is really not that bad.

    Again, just some personal observations. And thank you Nestor for this amazing experience creating with you. I hope my slow work process didn't demotivate you from any future collaborations with me ;)

    posted 5 days, 12 hours ago in Maybe he is wishing to get printed....

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Yes, the tricky part will be to make the pencils suggest a city and not just a bunch of pencils. I believe this can be achieved by using the right "silhouette" to suggest a ragged skyline... as long as it's suggested it doesn't need to be explicit.

    As for the clouds, the first one i drew looked more like intestines than brains, eww... I think that without the brains, the "rain" has no meaning as the rain is supposed to represent the bond between the intangible (imagination) and tangible (pencils), the product of both elements working together.

    Does the rain (AKA drawing or art in general) come from the pencils or from the brain? So the rain should seem to be flowing both ways.

    As with the pencils, the clouds don't need to be explicitly brainy, just suggestive of brains. So maybe a few curves are enough to get people thinking that they aren't mere clouds?

    posted 1 week, 2 days ago in A city made of pencils

  • I'm glad you do, thanks! i gotta be extra careful and make sure it looks like a city and not like just a bunch of pencils and pens.

    posted 1 week, 3 days ago in A city made of pencils

  • Many people say "don't settle for good enough when you can have something better", especially when you know you deserve better. The thing is... i kinda believe that what you have at any given moment, is what you believe you deserve, what you are ready to have. That's why so many people live in abusive (or just plain unsatisfactory) relationships for years, until one day they realize they want something else/more.

    I think the one true, fool-proof method of determining what to do, is to listen to your heart, your intuition. I know it sounds cheesy and newagey, but i believe more in my own intuition than in any amount of well-intentioned advice from friends or professionals or books or whatever.

    The tricky part is to become fine-tuned to your own intuition, and the trickier part is to learn to trust it and just do what it suggests, despite the fear and the risk...

    Another practical, less mystic way of looking at it would be: if you are asking yourself if it's okay to settle in a less than satisfactory relationship, it would seem that you already want out but are looking for "valid reasons" (excuses?) to stay.

    And i say "valid reasons" as in acceptable, appropriate, believable, etc... because you may already have true, solid reasons, the very reasons that made you question your situation in the first place. But external factors (family? social pressure? finance? risks?) are making you believe that your own personal reason is not enough to act upon, and that you require "real world, adult, rational reasons" to make your move.

    I would face all fears and risks before staying in an unhappy or unsatisfactory place, situation or relationship. You don't need reasons or excuses or approval or permission other than those coming from within yourself.

    posted 1 week, 3 days ago in Is it ever okay to, "settle"?

  • the pun is a plus but it's not the main appeal. This is a strong design transcending language barriers. After all, people don't go checking the tag inside a shirt's neck to see what the title is...

    One left shoe needs its right shoe to become complete. Laces intertwined, walking or dancing together, there's a lot of ways to interpret this design without recurring to the title... it's a smart title, but the strength is in the design itself.

    soloyo-collabs said:
    Pez Banana said:

    I've seen some designs print based on quality despite a seemingly low score. I think Sole-Mates is very strong, design-wise... very Threadless-y, so to speak.

    Thanks Maybe some non-English speakers missed the Sole, Soul play on words

    posted 1 week, 3 days ago in Maybe he is wishing to get printed....