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  • 1.8?! ouch.

    posted 5 years, 6 months ago in Uchuu Sashimi

  • I really appreciate everyone's comments and criticisms. I originally made the design without limiting my color pallet. Some things suffered (I lost a lot of shadowing and YES! I wanted more spacey neon blue roe). On the other hand, restricting colors inspired me to do the marbled salmon coloring of the 'crab-looking' aliens.

    In the end, I thought it looked better to keep the overall coloration more natural. From a distance, the design looks like a plate of sushi - with salmon, shrimp, roe, mixed veggie rolls - and on second glance: aliens~!

    I got critiques on the text to be either more hand-drawn or a more utilitarian font (sans serif) ... I wish I knew how to please everyone on the problem of text on shirts.

    Thank you to everyone who has voted on this shirt!!!

    posted 5 years, 6 months ago in Uchuu Sashimi

  • Do you contemplate other-worldly visitors and life beyond the stars? Do you wonder what it would taste like with sticky rice and a little wasabi? This shirt, is for you.

    posted 5 years, 7 months ago in Uchuu Sashimi

  • Since no one's said it, I thought they could use eyes... even if they were very simple and closed or something. If they have mouths, they need eyes (in my opinion). Also I thought the kisses were quite obviously kisses and not leaches haha. If that many people thought it tho, maybe it does need a change. I wouldn't want to be "that girl with the leech shirt."

    I think a lot of people who posted must be single. Where's the love people?

    posted 8 years ago in kiss !

  • OH... my... god that's cute. Put it on anything but pink and it's a 5$$$.

    posted 8 years ago in Bon Appetit