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  • i love the image, but i kind of wish the hearts were a little less stamped and a bit more vintage... less regular.

    posted 8 years, 10 months ago in Thinking of You...

  • "respect the architekt" would work better if it were a bit more obvious who the architect were. the green and yellow blobs TOTALLY distract from the web in the tree. i only noticed it b/c of the other blogs. i think you should get rid of them and make the text smaller. p.s. i'm an aspiring architect if anyone cares.

    posted 9 years ago in Respect the architekt

  • if this wins and I can't buy it, i'm gonna be pissed. i love it. simple, yet conceptually meaningful. beautiful

    posted 9 years ago in Bubblegum Heart

  • i don't feel like the arc in the background is neccessary. it is implied by the line of girls, and the offset in size of the boy. also, i think it would be good to rotate the design so the girls are a more skewed than the guy. cute.

    posted 9 years ago in I don't know

  • hello people: ASHLEE SIMPSON!!!! i thought the design was AWESOME until i figured that out. sorry.

    posted 9 years ago in Papped!