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aka Thor Alvarez is a 32.96 year old boy and has been a part of the Threadless community for 4 years, 5 months! he has scored 62 submissions, giving an average score of 2.47, helping 1 design get printed.

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  • Thanks! I'm sick of hearing it too! Will people hurry up and go play outside!

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Let's Play Outside

  • this is simply beautiful, great job

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Swing Swing

  • Hi Threadless! Thanks for checking out this submission.

    Sometimes all the fun is right there in our faces...outside in a park or on a playground. A night out with friends, or family, etc. How unfortunate that many young children, and people of all ages, are cooped up at home in front of the tube, glued to a video game or being sublimated watching mindless shows. Building the momentum of tube watching can have you feel like your brain's fried!

    I felt this would be a simple design which can say a lot. Its style is also one of which I haven't done before, so I'm pretty proud of how it came out. Hopefully you all will like it. Thanks!

    Peace and hair grease with a pull-over fleece, please crank the beats!

    -Thor Edward Alvarez "SinSlap"

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Let's Play Outside

  • Hello everyone, and thanks for viewing my submission. This design is called "The Magic Show", simply because I feel we are all in one, from birth to adulthood and beyond.

    Between the Wizards and the Audience, things are always being done behind the curtain and many people either chose to be wowed, or to get involved and find out about it, and make a positive change. It's no secret what corrupt men are up to, and as far as we know it, the rabbit hole runs very deep.

    With that said, this is what I'm setting out to convey. This design is the first of many to come, to hopefully make people think, reflect, and wonder.

    √ 2010 √ Every single things is connected. Although not all physically, therefore threadless.

    Perhaps we can communicate more effective ideas, thoughts, and emotions through our art. This community is overwhelmingly talented and unique, and everyone deserves a nice reward. But what kind of trend is going to be dynamic enough to develop throughout the year? What kind of trend is worth fully exploring in the name of art and t-shirt culture?

    Historically there have been so many periods of movements through and in art. So many stories and expressions, depictions of reality, innovation, love, etc. Maybe the hundreds or thousands of us can bring forth an ultimate cohesion of creative conscious visualization.

    Maybe since we are all in the same boat regarding national and global circumstances we can challenge ourselves to reflect our opinions, truths, ideas, pains, knowledge, appreciations, etc. Maybe we can consistently send a message, which could potentially inspire us with every new design and illustration. Perhaps we can set all of the above as a trend.

    I like one guy's approach about how we can communicate a story through our t-shirts to make them more engaging. However, a fresh design is still going to have its place without question. Let's merge it all, and see what we come up with?

    Thanks for your time. Peace and hair grease with a pull-over fleece, dont spank your niece!

    –Thor Edward Alvarez "SinSlap"

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in The Magic Show

  • Perhaps you are accurately portraying our leaders. The eye is showing fear, the skull may be a reflection of the reality we are bound to face whether naturally or deliberately from our domestic enemies. At least this is what your illustration draws out of me. It seems you may also be sending out a warning and words of inspiration with your quote. Overall a very great job mx5apex! Solid.

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago in Illuminated