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  • Hi everybody! This is my first idea for a tee (and my first critique). It is a scan of a design i made on a sheet of paper. I know it isn't clear, I will improve the design using my pc (ehm I'm not able to use any graphic programs, so if someone knows a good tutorial, please tell me the link!).
    Well the idea is: in the Middle Ages in order to defend a castle from a siege, defensors used to pour out hot oil... So the Onion Castle, attacked by the sticky chips, pour out the oil, fries the chips, and if you can see there is a little onion which throw some salt on the fried chips... In the foreground you can see the King Chip which asks for some ketchup... I think it's quite funny! :)
    It could be that someone has already had this idea, if so, sorry I didn't know...
    Sorry for my English mistakes, I'm Italian. Bye!

    posted 4 years, 5 months ago in Fried Wars