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  • Too big on the tee itself. Love the concept. Rather him be frowning. 4$

    posted 4 years ago in Shitty Idea

  • I love it. 5$

    posted 4 years ago in Suicide King

  • I would buy it as a flip flop, not sure about a tee. 4

    posted 4 years ago in This Little Piggy

  • I am giving this a 5$ because it will inevitably be a tee and it totally rocks. However I have a couple of concerns, if you don't mind me saying:

    1) They will have to print on either light blue, or white. Meaning 1/2 of the shirt will be ink that can crack over time. Not sure how that would look after a while.
    2) I think there is too much text, I would keep the speech bubble and maybe put "Your Ol' Pal Iggy the Iceberg" between the shoulder blades on the back.

    Great work though, I want more from you. Again, 5$.

    posted 4 years ago in Iggy the Iceberg Needs a Hug

  • While awesome, I'm not sure about how dull the colors seem against the chosen shirt color. 4 for now.

    posted 4 years ago in $urfeR GirL