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  • everone thinks about it!! great design...a buy indeed 5

    posted 9 years ago in Who f*cking cares?

  • Great design!!! this is why t-shirts exist!!! 5

    posted 9 years ago in Banan(z)a

  • Fantastic idea..but i would LOVE it more if it was centered and a different color. Other than those 2 small remarks this design is really clever and original and worth a solid 4 with the ladder print!

    posted 9 years ago in Escaping What's Familiar

  • Great Idea..Hard to see that they are playing rock, paper, scissors but i'd imagine it's hard to really illustrate the game on a shirt. I agree that a red bandana aound his mouth would be awesome. I am scoring a big old 5 right here!

    posted 9 years ago in Sheriff always drew scissors

  • Totally FrEsH!!! Cotton was made to create t-shirts for this design to be printed on!!

    posted 9 years ago in breakfast is ready