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  • posted 8 years ago in unlikely duo

  • At first I was thinking Donkey/Seagull... but then is it supposed to be an ASS and a blue-footed BOOBIE?? Because if it is, well, the BOOBIE needs work.

    posted 8 years ago in unlikely duo

  • Ok, so everyone wanted to know the solution and now that is was given to us... well... EEEEWWWWW... gross... I wish I hadn't found out the "solution"

    posted 8 years ago in Macgyver's Solution

  • ha ha ha -- everyone I work with (at VANS) would love this... great job!!!

    posted 8 years ago in checker me out

  • I have seen this done on stickers in so many places... resturants, cabs, airport bathrooms...

    posted 8 years ago in No Puffin Please