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  • Love all-over prints? Check out our sublimation tees!


Design by Matt Furie

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carbonation28 on Nov 28, 2014 at 15:00:40

Please reprint!

Joe Conde on Jan 28, 2014 at 21:52:29

The medium is a little tight compared to the regular Threadless shirts I ordered, but the design, print and colors are awesome! Is this the case with all the other dye sublimation shirts? I want to know so that I'll get a large in the future if all the dye sub shirt sizes are the same. Thanks!

connor_ol1212 on Jan 7, 2014 at 10:48:59

I brought this and was a bit worried about the 100% polyster but it wasn't as bad as I thought it may have been, it is really comfortable to wear!

Angwarr on Jan 2, 2014 at 16:51:56


EveryWaveDragsMeToSea on Dec 27, 2013 at 12:51:20

Wow, that's incredible but strange :D

Nixform on Dec 1, 2013 at 17:54:05

This is the most UGLY shirt ever! Good thing I just bought it!!!!!!!!!

iltby on Nov 15, 2013 at 02:50:42

This is gorgeous, devastated it's not available for women!

Gu3 on Nov 14, 2013 at 22:24:30

I ordered this a while back in XL and it fit like a medium. So damned tight. I felt like a bodybuilder with the sleeves clinging so snugly to my arms. I even complained to Threadless about their bizarre sizing and despite being told that someone would get back with me, they never did. I've bought several shirts here and every single one was too small. I've been wearing XL for decades and I know that's my size. So, I guess they would need a 3XL in order for it to fit like a normal XL, which sucks, since they don't carry that size. Now regarding this shirt, it is excellent. Personally, I have no problem with polyester as I live in Vegas and cool and light is the way to go during the warm months. And the printing was really good, too. I didn't see any errors on the shirt. Great colors, density and clarity of the characters. And I'm quite bummed I can't wear it - or the other three I ordered in XL. Come on Threadless, size your stuff for REAL people, will ya?!

vaders_girl on Nov 14, 2013 at 20:27:34

Love it, except for Jar-Jar

biotwist on Aug 20, 2013 at 15:04:27

when was this made?

RobRay1 on Aug 16, 2013 at 15:14:40

Love it, despite Jar Jar being dead-center on the front.

RobRay1 on Aug 16, 2013 at 15:12:57

This is the most detailed and beautiful shirt I have seen on Threadless; only wish that when you do the roll print in the future, you put the character that looks like Jar Jar Binks underneath the armpit-- having him dead-center on front kinda kills the otherwise insane vibe.

gregfulton on Aug 13, 2013 at 17:38:57


Monkey X on Aug 6, 2013 at 23:34:14

Holy crap this is awesome!!!!

Empress of minor demons on Jul 27, 2013 at 17:59:15

It's super comfortable, like a normal tee, as long as it's not skin-tight. I had a tight polyester one once and this one's a lot better since I wear it looser. Thank god!