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  • All tees $14 + free US shipping! Min $35. Sublimated tops are 30% off - sale ends 9/8 5PM CT
  • All tees $14 + free US shipping! Min $35. Sublimated tops are 30% off - sale ends 9/8 5PM CT

Poker Face

Design by Enkel Dika

About the design

Original design submission

Avg. score: 2.95 out of 5

Scored by: 705 people

  • Garments printed with: a chino additive for softness, 8-color screen print, plastisol ink and simulated process technique

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No account?

si_wardo on May 16, 2013 at 00:44:55

Any help as to when this might get reprinted?

Mad_Maze on Feb 23, 2013 at 10:21:59


W00LF on Feb 11, 2013 at 17:43:30

my sister is going to loooove her gift of this t shirt

Turner11 on Dec 15, 2012 at 13:19:25

REPRINT!! Please! would make the perfect gift for someone who a big fan!! please reprint this!!!

luisariel06 on Sep 30, 2012 at 12:35:06

yay! i bought the last one! LOL!! AWESOME DESIGN!! in fact, i'll be wearing this for her concert in my country!!!!

gemini.vixen on May 13, 2012 at 09:06:57


gemini.vixen on Mar 29, 2012 at 13:36:44


gemini.vixen on Mar 21, 2012 at 13:36:19

Reprint it in medium and large for girly PLEASE!!!!

hsw on Jan 28, 2012 at 19:35:06

THIS SHIRT MAKES ME LAUGH! but u gotta re-print it for small

camman on Jan 12, 2012 at 09:50:31

AMAZING item! arrived today in the UK only took 9 days

fab print and quality, soo comin back for more

tommerz on Dec 29, 2011 at 08:18:55

It's so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! xd

AIvinn on Dec 26, 2011 at 21:38:35

fdsgdfg I need a reprint in small! Hate my life. ;_;

nicksy on Dec 9, 2011 at 09:18:11

so cool! reprint in small for guys please!

aneta.wawreniuk on Sep 16, 2011 at 07:05:41


paprixer on Sep 6, 2011 at 17:03:59

Is that supposed to be David Spade?

Poker Face