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Powerful Slogans

The Powerful Slogans challenge winner is here!

430 designs /
printed design / 26,796 votes placed

Let that shit go

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The challenge was

Got Slogans?

Make Powerful Slogans Great Again

Pop quiz! What do “Because You’re Worth It”, “Got Milk?”, and “Change We Can Believe In” all have in common? They’re all famous slogans you no-doubt have embedded in your brains! A powerful slogan can make a brand name stick in our minds forever or even define a movement.

For this challenge we want you to create one of your own that the world will never forget! Come up with a slogan that's super inspiring, moving, or even something hilarious self-deprecating

Don't be afraid to "Make Great Together" combining wordsmith skills with hand-lettering inventiveness. Get out there and Just Do It.


Featured designs:
Stay Focused by Eric Zelinski
Eyes Wide Open by Mathiole
The Great Indoors by Katie Lukes

Challenge Details

  • $1,000 cash

  • Grand prize winning design will be displayed IRL on a billboard in Chicago!

  • Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $7 on each t-shirt of their design sold on! Read more...

Designs from this challenge