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Popeye and Betty Boop

The Popeye and Betty Boop challenge winner is here!

234 designs /
printed design / 32,964 votes placed

Spinach Got Me Like

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The challenge was

Design a t-shirt inspired by Popeye® or Betty Boop™.

Well blow me down and boop-oop-a-doop™, have we got a challenge for you.

Between silly-sounding catchphrases and loads of retro charm, Popeye and Betty Boop have more in common than you may think. The spinach-guzzling sailor man even made his screen debut in a Betty Boop cartoon in 1933!

We want you to put your own spin on the pin-up cutie pie or the tattooed seafarer—and don’t forget his best goil, Olive Oyl, and that big brute Bluto. Popeye boasts, “I y'am what I y'am™,” but for this challenge, you decide what Popeye y'am.

Keep in mind:

  • Designs must be your original artwork.

  • No adult references (sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, gambling, etc.) allowed.

  • Popeye and Betty Boop may not appear in the same design. Please keep Betty Boop separate from Popeye and related characters.

  • You may use any characters from the Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons or comics, but mashups, parodies, or references to any other characters are not allowed.
  • Challenge Details

    • $2000 cash

    • $500 Threadless gift code

    • Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $7 on each t-shirt of their design sold on Threadless.com! Read more...

    Designs from this challenge

    Popeye and Betty Boop


    From the minute he walked into the comic strip, THIMBLE THEATER, and muttered his famous “D’ja think I’m a cowboy” line, Popeye the Sailor Man captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Popeye is what he is — a good-guy underdog with bulging forearms, a mean uppercut and a penchant for canned spinach. The only thing he loves more than spinach and the sea is his flighty, flirty girlfriend, Olive Oyl.

    Betty Boop

    One of the most famous faces in entertainment history, Betty Boop, “The Queen of Cartoons,” continues to delight millions of fans of all ages around the world. First introduced in the 1930’s, Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer for his “Talkartoons” series for Paramount, the first “talkies” of animation. By 1932 Betty, considered to be the first and only female animated screen star, had taken the country by storm. In the over 75 years that have followed, Betty starred in more than 100 cartoons, 90 of which are included in the official “Betty Boop” series which ended in 1939.