Submissions about Menstrual Cycles

When Mother Menstration Attacks!!!!!

When tampons attack!!!! wft?

Tampons with faces! Love the curl of the string, all full of ... glee and happiness

And this one is pretty self explanatory!

Pun me long time. We gots a genius here! Seriously, this is genius though.

The thumb pic for this one is pure brilliance.

And one from our beloved pseudonymjones.

A sequel! But I'm still waiting on the prequel....

And one from our beloved ginette

I found it!

hahahhaa, 6th comment! Yes!

OMG, with a zoom too. It's like that one vid with the banana and the "anus is bleeding, 4 the love of god" guy.

Okay, this one has nothing to do with menstrual cyles but the comments are hilarious.


when TP cuts or other thingies

hmmmm, a contender for the new red cross logo tee

I still don't know if this design was intentionally about tampons... but "fluidtown"? hmmm. The lego tampon comments are hilarious.

Obviously not the artist's/designer's intention but what was this sub all about then? I think my favourite thing about this sub is this comment, we've got a spelling fanatic on our hands:
bitterbunny on Oct 11 '06
It is spelled MENSTRUATION. Learn to spell.

Yet another great comment:
Haranator on Jun 28 '04
Needs more blood.

Poor guy, this is what happens when a design goes awry

This one is just ... weak

Boats, ships, periods?

The 3rd comment is priceless.

vampire tampons, do they exist?


Holy hell, and this blog (beware, nasty ass pics) : Crazy Blog Update : Crazy menstrual blog no longer exists :-(


And subs that could have easily been in contention for best menstral sub but yet did not have any suggestions during the scoring period (o, a pun) that they may be about menstration.

Spermies in the fog of war.

She had a heavy month.

Pink pilot? What's going on here?

Watch this
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hahah, nice one chelly

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Any updates for this thread, anyone?

It's been long overdue.


This blog is amazing. THERE MUST BE MOAR.


Ummm, wow.

Surprised there isn't one called Sunday, Bloody, Sunday...



there will be blooooooddddd

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

let's see....possible other titles....

  1. 7, 8, eeww...
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. To Wong Fu, With Blood
  4. James Van Der Beek
  5. There's No Bleeding In Baseball!
  6. Stocking Stuffers
  7. Those Aren't Pillows!
  8. James Van Der Beek
Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Maybe someone can do a followup to VAMPONS, as in, they don't sparkle.


*JVDB tears approved


(and bonus points for "Those Aren't Pillows!")

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