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Let it Rain Deer - Progress - Stats - 3,59 :)

Let it rain deer - Stats

Avg Score: 3,59
just 266 scores
85 fives
23 ones

Thank you all for the support, you are awesome!


] Tanks for the support, everyone! 07/09 Update:

] 07/10 Update - Color 1

] 07/13 Update - Less colors and more Rain

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Elma e Francis

Weel I just realized that "raindeer" is a species of deer.

but in my case it's there just because of the horns. Should I change the animal, perhaps, or the raindeer pun can be powerfull?


I think the pun works just fine. You should keep going with it.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

funny I have a collab about a deer in the rain

pweye profile pic Alumni

I like this - definitely keep working on it. You've got the pun, you've got some irony - it's got potential.

Akaka profile pic Alumni


Elma e Francis

Thanks for the support, guys. I'll put all my energies in this. (actualy not ALL the energies, but a lot of energy. you get it

chuck p comics said:

let it rain deer, let it poor lol:)

Relient K's Christmas Album


Lovely concept.


I like your style! I say work with this design!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

super cool, keep at it.

QuietCity profile pic Alumni

This is rad, you should definitely work on this one.

Elma e Francis

There's some progress at the lines and the umbrella :)


I like this muchly :)


I love it. The updated face expression and your design style is perfect on this!

Elma e Francis

update - coloring What you think?

Any sugestion for the title?

(you guys are amazing!)

dandingeroz profile pic Alumni

haha this is nice!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

This is some of your best work. Keep at it. It's looking great.

Elma e Francis

thanks! Shood I add some shadows and textures to it?

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -


BeanePod profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Like seriously, everything about it.

  • cue clappity clappity
soloyo profile pic Alumni

Looking great!

Elma e Francis

Update It's raining in the deeeeeeer!

halfgotten profile pic Alumni

love the style!!! sub it now...

Pyne profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Love it! His expressions and little boots are cracking me up!

Elma e Francis

Thnx!! I want to submit it today. What's the name?

a) The usual "Rain Deer"? b) "Deer in the Rain"? c) "Let it rain"? d) "Roaring in the Rain"? e) your suggestion ?

Elma e Francis

We'll wait till monday. Please, give your suggestions!! :)


Oh man! It's so good! I think "Rain Deer" is fine
1 design submitted -

It's Raining, Deer (Dear) ? Love this design 5 :)

Elma e Francis

Here's the final cut and the placement :) brennanpearson I think i like Let it rain, deer.

melmike profile pic Alumni

I think 'Rain Deer', but whatevs, go with what you like. This is really cool. I like how the charm of the original b&w remains in your final design.

Elma e Francis said:

I think i like Let it rain, deer.

For sure! Excellent work

Elma e Francis

It's Pending, men! Haleluiah!

Elma e Francis

Don't forget to Enter to win this design if it gets printed!

Elma e Francis


Elma e Francis

And downvoters, keep away from it!

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Haha wow amazing

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