Hey guys, i'm about to purchase a couple tees and i'm curious about the sizing. I'm not sure if I should get a small or medium. I think I should go with a medium if they shrink. I normally get smalls but I put on a small amount of weight. Hopefully a medium won't be too loose.

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To my knowledge, all Threadless tees are actually in the 'fitted' style, so a medium should still hug you pretty well. I wouldn't worry about it looking like a overly large pajama top or anything.

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I always go a size larger than I really need since Threadless tees tend to shrink.

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Agreed. My husband is tall and normally wears L or XL. The sleeves of a Threadless XL get too short after a few washes. Had to reorder a XXL "Hot Chicks on Wolves" when I learned that lesson.

I order 2 sizes up for me in the girly sizes.

Aside from shrinkage, they hold up really well.

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I'm a size M with waist, chest, and length, but I get L because of my enormous biceps and shoulders. Yup.

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What I'm saying is that the shirts fit everywhere for me except sleeve width/size.

My husband is 5'8" and he wears L and they fit well. No complaints about sleeve size for him.

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Can I add to this topic?

What about the new tanks? Fit, fabric weight/thickness.. some of them look kind of thin, like they would be floating on me.

I would've bought some but am unsure looking at the pics. The bottom hem isn't the same as tanks in the past. That hem just looks weird to me, frankly.

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