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Being new to Threadless I wanted to create a simple design that I could build off of, test and better help me understand Threadless's guidelines. I am new to printing and new in understanding the requirements to print and have watched all of the tuts and videos on Threadless. This design got rejected as I thought it would, but Threadless doesn't have any listed reasons, they say post it here and fix it so here it is. (It would be nice if this site had a fast checklist of things that they could send back to you so you know if your design failed because it would be to hard to print, because it was a poor design, copy write infringement, etc. a list like that would be easy for them to have and send back and it would only take seconds for them to fill out to help designers)

This is an image that is supposed to represent the more aggressive personality of males and how some males enjoy showing off that trait. The issues I had with it was that i wasn't sure if the alpha male phrase is available or if by using it I would be infringing on copy write laws as well as TM laws for type faces. (should I avoid design with type faces and text as well as phrases that have been used before?) The design is for white tee shirts and should be mostly BW. I show it on a gray tee because when I put it on their white tee it kept disapearing for some reaosn on their template. Its more faded on the gray tee than I would like it to be and couldn't figure out how to fix it.(I will probebly create my own templates in the future)

Any help on making this design one that fits all the guidelines of Threadless would be greatly appreciated. Thx:)

Heres the links to the design on my photobucket since I can't find any file attackments. (How would I go about post my images in my thread)

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There's your image for you, all you need is a little HTML or use that handy camera icon on the comment box.

Take a look at what Threadless prints and ask yourself if this looks like something that would do well here. If you sub something thinking to yourself "this will probably get rejected", then it most likely will. You need something that has a great concept or something that looks amazing on the shirt that has a lot of heart and skill put into it. This looks like something that I would find at Sears, which is not Threadless' target demographic at all. It's not terrible, but you need to take a good long look at what is successful here.


Thanks for the Threadless prints and comments. Threadless seems to be more on the side of psychedelic, artistic statements that targets children ages 12-16 with a 70's and 80's flare as seen in allot of their prints. There is almost no typography in any print that I saw. This tells me allot on how I will create future designs for Threadless and that type with design for print and shirts is tacky when put in context as a stamp or statement like my design above. The Sears comment makes sense as that was my target when creating the design to test the views of what they are looking for. (generic vrs artist expression etc.) I have faith in that the design looks appealing, but I knew it would most likely get rejected because of all the free radicals I was testing, not entirely because of craft, but because of how it is presented.

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Actually there's a crapload of typography in the printed tees so I'm not really sure what you were looking at. One of the problems in your design is that the font seems to be Impact which is heavily overused. Also the texture seems to be very low resolution, a common reason for rejection.


I'm glad to see that type is being used artistically primarily in the tees section. I was just simply implying that it isn't appreciated as much by your common artist and some designers and that if used in a generic or wrong context it appears tacky. The required resolution was 72. Should my work start at lets say 300ppi and then I shrink it to 72 just for the submission? That would explain that issue of resolution and printing. And yes your correct on the font being Impact, which is another generic type face that is way over used almost more than Helvetica:). (good point, I'm happy to see that someone appreciates type and isn't afraid to point out when its being overused)

Another question I have is, lets say I'm working on a design is the art and design area the place that I should be asking others for advice on how to improve the piece before submission or is it this area? or is both fine?

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Yes, make your original file hi-res and shirt sized and just paste a scaled down copy on the submission slide. If a design is chosen for printing you'll be asked to send the hi-res file. Art&design is appropriate for asking advice.

Yep what morkki said.. always start in 300dpi then when u submit copy and paste it then shrink it to 72dpi for the slide. Personally i like your design.. Its sweet.... The font is overpowering your design of your dog that i really like. One suggestion you could do to tweak your design is to make the ALPHA MALE font apart of his head like his fur waved and stretched in your own handwriting and blended to his fur... and add some ears. Or you could make him have the rest of his head with ears give him a collar with id tag alpha male. Don't give up entirely on your design.. try to tweak it a bit .. you never know :).

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