wacom pen nibs

Does anyone know if Intuo3 pen nibs are interchangeable with intuos4 pen nibs? They're just nibs right?!?? I mean they look the same.



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moosabman profile pic Alumni

From what I understand they are all the same. I have an intuos 5 (new, I am still weeping over it every time I use it) and they look just the same. I've even read that people use weed eater line they have cut to replace nibs, but personally I feel like the small cost is worth not risking scratches, etc.

jublin profile pic Alumni

ha thanks good to know. I'm kind of excited to try something other than the standard nib. I've only used the ones it came with.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

I've been messing around with the ones that came in the holder and I love them all... which makes things difficult to choose.

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