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Secret Santa - April/May edition. Courtesy of Ryder Revolution!!!

Ryder Revolution and I both were left presentless after this year's Secret Santa exchange and decided to serve as elves for one another! I actually received my package last month and let me just say, this was the best Christmas in April I've ever had.

Here is my haul (not pictured, some delicious chili caramel corn which was gobbled up immediately):

Colored bubbles and silly string - perfect for terrorizing Threadless staffers during work:


Happy Meal toys - to add to my existing collection, which FYI I DID NOT EVEN TELL HIM ABOUT!

But, the absolute best presents are the prints. Of course I'm a huge fan of our Threadless artists. You guys amaze me all the time and I wear something you've created almost every single day. I couldn't be more happy to get these two, amazing SIGNED prints which will have a home on my wall very shortly:

You also may have heard a rumor that I like dinosaurs. Well, I'm here to confirm that as a truth. I do love dinosaurs and that door hanger has an awesome dinosaur on it. I do not now who 1 Direction is, but I do have a sweet notebook with their faces on the cover.

Thanks again, Ryder. See you at the meetup!

Sarah and The Happy Meal Toy Army

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Ryder profile pic Alumni

Glad you like it all!!

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I remember those happy meal toys! That's awesome. :-D


Those prints look awesome :^)

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